Closetters LLC is a registered Limited Liability Company based in Asia running several successful e-commerce websites. All our websites are kept under the umbrella called Closetters. You might have heard of some of them, like bravepersonunderwear.com

We have specialised in delivering the most current products to our sector, which consists mostly of LGBTQI-clientele. We celebrate life in its full colour.

We are registered in Hawaii, based in Cambodia, our stock is held in China, our main customer base is in the USA and the owner’s nationality is Finnish. Welcome to the age of the internet!

This website is owned and operated by Arttu Karppanen DBA Josh Mendo, the main registrant of Closetters LLC.


Closetters LLC is proud to be the brand partner and number one retailer of Brave Person Underwear, China’s leading underwear brand for gay men!



ClosetHunk.com is our most popular web-store. We are serving countless men around the globe with fun, sexy and unique underwear delivered to them.



Man2man.asia aims to give free ad space for businesses, venues, organisations and events in South East Asia that promote safe sex between men. 


You can contact us via info@closetters.com or using the form below. Please note that we are a single retailer, not a wholesaler.